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by LucaMonte2014 – App Store Customer Reviews (Italy) – May 16, 2014 Beautiful App, so funny also thanks to the animations that lend the story something special. A special thank to everybody for the work done together. I hope that other people will appreciate this App, having fun with the story and teasing with characters […]


Italia Volta Pagina – by Daniela Morelli Get together and try. A writer, an illustrator, a graphic designer and a computer technician. We are not teenagers but we work for them. From a subject we developed: an App, an e-book, a printed book and a contemporary opera libretto (in which other experts of performing […]

She is born

Salis was born and lives in the Camp where we meet her at the age of fourteen, at the time of her escape. They named her Salisedine, Salis for short. From now on Salis’ adventure is one to be discovered. As also is our new adventure, with Daniela Morelli (author and screenwriter), Paolo d’Altan (illustrator), […]

Salis: An Animated and Illustrated Episodic Novel

Daniela Morelli (writer and screenwriter) and Paolo d’Altan (illustrator) send us news of the launch of their new illustrated and animated “episodic novel” called Salis. The first episode, titled Salis Escapes, was released this month as a eBook App for the iPad, as an illustrated eBook (through Amazon) and in print. In the first episode, […]