“Salis Escapes”: dreams, mineral and the sea in the first eBook of the editorial series “Salisedine”

By Sara Sturmhoevel | 19/6/2014 “Salis Escapes”, dreamlike atmospheres and extraordinary adventures in the first ebook of the Salisedine series. At Amazon and itunes stores. Eyes as blue as the ocean and only one wish: to escape, run away from the Mineral Kingdom’s Salt Crystals ,which dominate a post apocalyptic world. This is Salisedine, or […]

Salis Escapes – Salisedine episode 1 reviews -by 148 App

Review By Amy Solomon on June 17th, 2014 Salis Escapes – Salisedine Episode 1 is a beautifully illustrated storybook for pre-teens with tough dystopian themes. Salis Escapes – Salisedine Episode 1 is a provocative storybook for pre-teens with interactive elements. At first glance one will notice the undeniably captivating artwork that alone would justify a […]

The planet saved from the digital generation of kids

02/06/2014 By Marco Gasparetti It is an app and an e-book Salisedine, multimedia production quality for children 11 years and upwards. It has the traits of an illustrated story and a game, it propels us in a surreal post-disaster world (crystals salt have taken over the planet) with beautiful illustrations and a screenplay by praise, […]