Focus Group


The Salis team is working at the creation of the second episode of Salsedine series. We are writing, drawing, planning, animating and editing. But we strongly believe that it’s essential to confront our final public, the young readers.
The team has engaged two groups of “digital natives” children aged from ten to fourteen years old, one from Library of Rozzano (Milan) and the Second from the school Media Pavoni of Tradate (Varese). They will work with us, reading the text and following the creation and composition of the illustrations. They will comment, write, draw, give ratings and reviews helping the authors to interpret Salis’ anxiety, hopes and fears. And most of all they will highlight any weak point … allowing us to improve our work.
Thanks to the Biblioteca dei Ragazzi of Rozzano, to Giuseppe Bartorilla; thanks to the Scuola Pavoni of Tradate, to all the teachers who accompany the groups; thanks to our young readers, whose sincerity and intensity we strongly appreciate.


Salis Escapes
To climb, wisdom, salt, Latin, the sun, to fly … these are just some of the words that came to mind for 18 girls and boys (aged 11 to 13 years) when we mentioned Salis at the first meeting in January, held in Lodi by the Fabularia association. With them, we are developing a process of focus groups around the project Salis Escapes, five meetings during which the author and the illustrator will verify the effectiveness of their work. The first episode is scheduled to be released in May, in Lodi, for middle school students in the city. The boys and girls of the focus group will be on stage with the authors to present the new app Salis Escapes.