The planet saved from the digital generation of kids

salis-testata-corsera-(2) 02/06/2014
By Marco Gasparetti
It is an app and an e-book Salisedine, multimedia production quality for children 11 years and upwards.
It has the traits of an illustrated story and a game, it propels us in a surreal post-disaster world (crystals salt have taken over the planet) with beautiful illustrations and a screenplay by praise, the protagonist is a brave young girl.
The first episode, Salis Escapes is now available.
Translated in english, the App is made in Italy and is enjoying success in the world.
The four authors – the writer Daniela Morelli, the illustrator Paolo d’Altan, the animator Laura Rota and Vincenzo Ambriola, professor of computer science at the University of Pisa – have created an innovative startup.
In june, at Milan’s Piccolo Teatro, the app will be a musical staged by young guys.